1. France-Brazil Collaboration

This project aims to establish a research collaboration between the database group (ARIDA) of Federal University of Ceara and both French laboratories LIMOS and DAVID. These research groups are currently participating in the INCT­ Web Science project, funded by CNPq and coordinated by Professor Marco Antonio Casanova of PUC­RIO, which is a satellite institution of
this project.

Over the seminars promoted by INCT­Web Science, researchers of those groups had the opportunity to discuss their work and to identify complementarities in their researches. In a visit of Jose Macedo to the LIMOS/DAVID laboratory in december 2014, they could trace common research objectives, which led to the preparation of this project. In addition, recently a PhD student of Professor Jose Macedo was granted with a scholarship by CNPq in order to stay one year at
DAVID laboratory under supervision of Professor Karine Zeitouni.

This collaboration is mainly motivated by the strong convergence and complementarity of researches performed by both groups, which are main related with spatio­temporal data management.

        2.   UFC-PUC-RIO National Collaboration

The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC­RIO) participates in this project as a collaborator institution within the context of franco ­ Brazilian GDRI « web of science ». The coordinator of the PUC­RIO is Professor Marco Antonio Casanova, who is a 1C CNPq researcher. Professor Jose Macedo has several published works with Professor Casanova and they have a long term collaboration that started in 2003. Professor Marco Antonio co­directs two PhD students of Professor Jose Macedo.

      3.   DAVID-LIMOS National Collaboration and Background

DAVID and LIMOS laboratories are both involved in the franco ­ Brazilian GDRI « web of science ». In the context of the CNRS programme MASTODONS, they investigate the topic of Big Data for Universe Science, and participate together to the European COST action Big­Sky­Earth. The expertise of the members of LIMOS and DAVID are complementary, and are mainly related to graph theory and algorithms, big data, semantic and spatial data management and reasoning.

      4.   Industrial Partners

In this project we will count on industrial partners that may help us with their problems and data. Particularly, we have colaboration with Sargarana Tech, which (http://www.sagaranatech.com/) has been working on software logistic solutions for truck delivery. This company developed products in geocoding area, sales territory optimization, routing and tracking deliveries. With customers all over the country and exporting its software solution to dozens of countries. Thus, we envisage that Sagana data will be very useful for our project; DAVID has initiated a collaboration with VeDeCom (VeDeCom.fr) on multimodal network integration and cross map mobility, along with industrial partners, among which ATOS (fr.atos.net). This project will fund a PhD thesis starting in 2015.